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Yoga Mat - Navajo Print

New Design Yoga mat - Navajo

Feel super comfortable on this Navajo style yoga mat with a rich Native American tradition!

Navajo are a North American Indian people.


Navajo Weaving

Navajos came to the southwest with their own weaving traditions; however, they learned to weave cotton on upright looms from Pueblo peoples. The first Spaniards to visit the region wrote about seeing Navajo blankets.


By the 18th century the Navajos had begun to import Bayeta red yarn to supplement local black, grey, and white wool, as well as wool dyed with indigo.


Using an upright loom, the Navajos made extremely fine utilitarian blankets that were collected by Ute and Plains Indians. These Chief's Blankets, so called because only chiefs or very wealthy individuals could afford them, were characterized by horizontal stripes and minimal patterning in red.


First Phase Chief's Blankets have only horizontal stripes, Second Phase feature red rectangular designs, and Third Phase feature red diamonds and partial diamond patterns.



The wet Navajo is the one hundred and forty-fourth comic strip from the Suske en Wiske series, about an Indian who is always thirsty.





  • Yoga mat with print of Navajo weaving
  • Multi colored colored.
  • Material: PVC.
  • With handy handle to carry mat.
  • Dimensions rolled up: 12 x 12 x 60 cm.
  • Size rolled out: 173 x 60 x 0,4 cm.
  • Weight: 1,15 kilograms.



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