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Schiffmacher - Chef's Knife 20cm RVS

RVS Chef's Knife with tattoo pattern - 20 cm

Henk Schiffmacher: butcher's son and king or tattoo.  “You used to have your own knife. You have worn it all your life and you have used it literally for everything. It was yours. I want to bring this feeling back ”.


So Schiff  designed a Chef's knife for life with beautiful tattoo patterns. Sharp, ethnic, cult, effective. Great combination with  steak knives and plates deisgned in collaboration with Royal Delfts Blue.


TATAU shark teeth pattern

  “Tattoos originate in Polynesia. The Polynesians symbolically wear their tattoos. One of these tattoos is the niho mano or shark teeth. According to the Polynesians, sharks are divine ancestors and symbolize strength. Sharks use their teeth to tear through their prey with ease. The sharp steak knives embody this beautiful symbolism.



 Homey's was created by the men of Homeij. With the tagline “Tools for life” they clearly indicate what they focus on, namely all conceivable tools that you need during (outdoor) life. Homey's focuses on functionality, a good price-quality ratio and sustainability where possible.



The Homey's Schiffmacher steak knife set comes with a 5-year warranty.



  •     Razor sharp blade (20 cm) of stainless 3Cr13 steel
  •     Handle of stainless 420 steel with blackened coating (food safe!)
  •     The hardness of the blade is 52-54 Rockwell (HCR)      
  •     Not dishwasher proof!
  •     Packaging:  cm


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