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  • cards against humanity UK version
  • cards against humanity UK version

Cards Against Humanity - UK Edition

Cards Against Humanity - UK Edition

Get to know your friends and family, even yourself, with this new UK version of Cards against Humanity. Are British more or less cruel and confronting? Find out here.

Designed by students from Highland Park High School and now the cult game of today. The purpose of CARDS against Humanity is to give an answer that is as socially undesirable as possible to the question your opponent asks you via a black card.


This game is hilarious, gruesome, confronting and you can put everything in it that would be impossible with goose board, pim-pam-cap or clover. Found out for the passive aggresive among us. This is your chance!



Game rules

The game is in fact quite simple. Each round, one player asks a question from a Black Card and the rest responds with his or her funniest White Card.


The player who asked the question collects all the answers and reads the combinations. He determines which answer he finds most amusing.


The person who has given the funniest answer deserves an Awesome Point.




  • English.
  • The game contains 600 cards (510 white and 90 black cards).
  • This is the international version of CAH, it is a quickly merged version of the US edition and the Red Box.
  • This is an official copy of CAH sealed in the authentic plastic.
  • The card game is delivered in a cardboard (box) package. There is also a detailed explanation of the rules and an extra piece of paper with possible alternative rules.
  • Age: 17+.
  • Number of players: 4 - 20+.
  • Play time: 30-90 minutes.


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