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Game Cards Against Humanity - Family Edition

Cards Against Humanity - Family Edition

Cards Against Humanity Family Edition is a fill-in-the blank party game for kids and adults to play together!

This is a brand new game written in consultation with child development experts and playtested qith thousands of families.

Kids get to engage in absurd wordplay with adults.

The game is simple. One player asks a question from a black card, and everyone answers with their funniest white card.

If you like to laugh at stuff like “filling my butt with spaghetti,” this is the game for you. If you don’t, go fill your butt with spaghetti!



  • English.
  • The game contains 600 cards (510 white and 90 black cards).
  • This is a completely now version of CAH, especially made for children and adults. 
  • This is an official copy of CAH sealed in the authentic plastic.
  • The card game is delivered in a cardboard (box) package. There is also a detailed explanation of the rules and an extra piece of paper with possible alternative rules.
  • Age: 8+.
  • Number of players: 4 - 20+.
  • Play time: 30-90 minutes.


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