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5 Hand Sanitizers - all 5 scents

5 different Hand Sanitizers

Due to the success of the hand sanizers we don't  have all scents in stock. If you still like to order a set of 5 we will put together a mix of available scents and colors.

Always clean hands without (spoiling) water! It’s possible with this hand sanitizer in pocket size.

Spray the refreshing spray on your hands and wipe your hands quickly. Collect the whole set. A different scent for every mood.

With one package you can easily save 266 liters of water and twenty percent of the revenue goes to organizations that provide clean drinking water in Africa. Win win!


  • Citrus Noon - yellow packaging
  • Wood Night  - black packaging
  • Morning Glory - blue packaging
  • Dew of Dawn - green packaging
  • Sunset Fleur - pink packaging


Need less than 5 sanitizers? Order them separately (see related items).



  •       Available in 5 scents and colors
  •      Handy spray system
  •      Super easy to take with you (in your pocket, handbag, etc)
  •      Packaged for recycling
  •      No alcohol odor
  •      With Aloe vera
  •      30ml


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