“Nature is stunning. Even better with a glass of whiskey in your hand and in front of the television” someone once said.

This also applies to our wonderfully beautiful nature category. Gifts with pictures, saying (‘I’m not bossy, I am the boss’ pouch) and ice and melting interpretations and disguises of dogs (try our pug mask), kitty cats (‘Humans are my side bitch’ dish towel), lions, llama’s, sloths, alpacas, monkeys and many more members of the animal kingdom.

Unicorns (from snot to lip balm), horses, wild animals, tame beasts, made-up creatures. Out of the jungle (fix yourself a chimp or koala Nanoblock) and into the ocean we go (octopus and lobster sticks) coming up in the petting zoo (Miffy is waiting to be cuddled).

Nature is not just fauna, also flora like plants, flowers ( from cactus gum to sunflower bags we have them all) and even body parts that don’t get boring easily ( ‘I love my penis gum, glow in the dark mini hands). Flat out made up lies or older than the chicken AND the egg, it all remains in nature’s nature. Say it with.. Forest hike socks: ‘I Fucking Love it our here’.

Click & Go. Small questions, big answers, you can find it in our search bar. But don’t forget:

“What we observe is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning.”

  • Werner Heisenberg



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Hedgren, Rilla go Rilla, Casablanca, Mondaine, Lexon, Timi of Sweden, Style de Vie, Stephisimo, Dean Morris, UPG, NWP, Serax, Umbra, Gift Doctor,Seletti, le Bacsac,Running Against Destiny, Why Not Ask?, GreenBounty, Affairresque, Native Zombie, Fuck The Flow, Kland und Kleid, Dopper, Digital Naïfs, Melted Cool, Jung At Heart, Stance, Gift Republic, The Great Indoors,.

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