LOQI Tote Museum - Black Cross Malevich

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LOQI Tote Museum - Black Cross Malevich

Don’t be afraid to make a visual power play with Malevich’s Black Cross tote bag

Master of minimal. Painterly pioneer. Radical Revolutionary. Born to Polish parents, but raised and trained in Russia, Kazimir Malevich was a 20th century avant-garde artist best known for his super simplified, geometric paintings.




  • Eco-friendly, reusable, chemical-free, long-lasting, water-resistant, washable. Nice!

  • Packed in a handy small bag with zipper, with the same beautiful print as the bag. Perfect to use as a wallet. Handy!

  • The bag is waterproof and can carry a weight of up to 20 kilos.

  • Bag dimensions; 50 x 42 cm.
  • Bag with zipper: 11 x 11 cm.
  • Weight: 85 g.
  • OEKO-TEX certified



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