(Body) Care

Since sometimes images are stronger than words; say it with socks, mugs or pins!

Some accessories can just really help you to communicate something without having to speak a single word. Think our Blue Q socks: saying Go away I'm introverting - one more episode or I'm a delicate flower. Just put up your feet and let the socks help you out.


And how about our assortment of mugs? Are you in the middle of a discussion on climate change? Just offer a cup of tea in a morph mug with climate change theme or another one with living dino's changing into skeletons. Point taken within a sip.


Stickers and patches communicate a lot too, we are especially proud of our pin collection. Some just show beauty, cause that's a good way of communicating as well. Otherwise let James Baldwin, Andy Warhol, Rosie the Riveter, Frida Kahlo or Sigmund Freud do the non verbal communication for you.


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