Would you like to have your LoveRat giftwrapped?

AboutNow.nl is totally about now.

It is also the joined webshop of our three brick and mortar stores in Amsterdam: BPD - By Popular Demand, Daskas and Nieuws. All loaded with 'Things You Want, Things you want to Give, things you want to Keep'.

Erno Schmidt, founding father of all stores: “Around 20 years ago I heard myself ask a customer; ‘Would you like to have your LoveRat giftwrapped’? This sentence, loaded with hidden meaning and dangerous (Tommy) Coopernican potential, kept resonating in my head ever since. About 1 year ago I arrived at a crossroad in my life, I felt I had to make a decision.

Do I at last write the book about 20 years of radical funshopping in Amsterdam, obviously called ‘Would you like to have your LoveRat giftwrapped?’ or should I keep on doing what I’ve always done: acting upon the wishes of our customers, even when they had not even realised they had those wishes?

I remembered how often we were asked to make our collection available outside Amsterdam & I thought of the motto of our friends from Blue Q: ‘We Just Want You To Be Happy’. At that very moment all doubts disappeared.

It was about time. AboutNow.nl, our shops together online:

World Wide Wow, from Amsterdam, for you.

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But what does AboutNow actually sell?

Well, from chewing gum to cheese slicers, from rainbowmaker to backpack, from 'more feminism less bulshit' tea towels to toi toi toi, from anti-alliteration pills to placemats (ok, those pills are kind of a lie).

But actually, that is not what it is about.. This chewing gum happens to be ‘I'm a delicate fuckin' flower' gum, the tea towels are clearly spot on, and a rainbow machine, who wouldn’t love to own one?

So clearly it’s about something else, je ne sais quoi. Nowadays, since AboutNow.nl, we call it World Wide Wow. It has to do with intelligence, irony, playfulness, originality and amazement. It's about watching, seeing and communicating. And somewhere in between "beautiful" is hiding.

Often, you only know what you want at the moment you find it. That's why we created an intelligent webstore structure for AboutNow.nl around categories like Communicate, Love, Work, Play and Think&Create.
So search & shop on instinct. And if you only need a photo frame? No problem, our sweet search engine will deliver immediately.

AboutNow.nl, full of unknown and well-known brands, from today and sometimes even from tomorrow. The Unemployed Philosophers Guild, Lomographic Society, Bondage Bagel Bonanza, Blue Q, SuckUK, Green Man From Here, Moleskine, Frogland, Yodel Therapy, Magnetic Poetry, More & Less, You Name It.


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