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Puzzle - Where's Bowie?

Find Bowie in Berlin

Find David Bowie in this interactive jigsaw puzzle, set in 70s Berlin - a city divided and in crisis, and one that Bowie called his home.

Where's Bowie? is both a fun 500-piece detail-focused jigsaw puzzle, and a 'Find Bowie' activity too. Hidden in multiple places on the puzzle, Bowie - in his various chameleonic guises - is patiently waiting to be spotted by a well-trained eye as the puzzle reveals itself.


Music aficionados and Bowie nerds alike will explain that the "Berlin Trilogy" of the albums Low, Heroes, and Lodger, are some of the best he ever recorded.

They are infused with electronic, ambient and world music - thanks in great part to Bowie's collaboration with Brian Eno throughout this time.

 It's a vital chapter in the annals of Bowie, and is explored in this intricate jigsaw.


About The Author

Kev Gahan is a nomadic British illustrator, whose freewheeling and subversive drawing style is known for its mind-boggling detail. He's previously illustrated Where's Bowie?


  • 500 pieces
  • 11.43 x 1.96 x 8.64 inches


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